My new book “The Seven Day Soul – Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise” is now available. You can join our Meaning Movement and we will send a daily Seven Day Soul Pillar for you to practise daily to your email. Visit The Seven Day Soul page on this site for lots more.

On this site I offer you and your workplace innovative and proven ways to achieve measureable improvements in employee engagement, retention and wellbeing. The courses that you see below bring together learning from psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and other relevant research to help you and your team to work at their fullest potential and to create a meaning-filled workplace. These schools of learning represent a shift from left to predominantly right-hemisphere brain activity which is deeply connected to big-picture (macro) thinking, creativity, innovation, personal meaning and topics hugely relevant to the engaged employee. Innovation starts when we change our thinking. Welcome to

“An excellent presenter, mild, lovely tone and approachable. Should get involved in some apps or ads- Brilliant!”
V.R. Dublin

“I really enjoyed the day. SH is so full of knowledge and so easy to understand. I would love a full course with her.”
CC. Limerick

Holistic HR and The Seven Day Soul: Individual and Corporate Training

Lunch & Learn, Assessments, Workshops and Online Training – for you and your workplace


The 3rd Pillar of Health

work-life integration



Mindfulness, Creativity & Innovation


A World Economic Forum Top 10 skill

The Meaning-Focused Workplace
The new Megatrend



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January 11th, 2017|0 Comments

Our Soul as Our Canvas

I am delighted to be an Invited Contributor on Arianna Huffington's new site Thrive Global! In my first article I suggest new ways of seeing our soul as underlying body and mind rather than parallel ...READ MORE

November 17th, 2016|0 Comments

New Year’s Resolution

Did you know that most people who make New Year’s Resolutions make the same one(s!) 10 times over? What does that say about success rates?? When I had the privilege of speaking at the Pendulum Summit to ...READ MORE

October 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Meeting Tony Robbins

Getting to meet the world’s No 1. Success coach Tony Robbins was an absolute privilege but also a great inspiration. Tony travels the world speaking on the psychology of success and presenting 3 day, 12 ...READ MORE