All diets should be designed by or together with the person who is going to follow it. It MUST be achievable for the individual and only they know what changes are realistic to their lifestyle.  While it is true that many people who are overweight may make excuses for themselves or not push themselves hard enough, only they know what will and wont work in their daily lives.

When designing an eating programme it is not necessary (unless medically suggested) to achieve a perfectly balanced diet from the outset. Start with achievable changes so that these smaller changes in behaviour are maintained long term.

The less these changes are an “assault” on the existing habits of the person the more likely it is that they will maintain the changes.

These initial changes need to be enough to achieve weight loss as the brain learns by reward and it becomes much less of a challenge to repeat these healthy new behaviours.

As you lose weight you will be more inclined to eat increasingly healthy foods as you will want to protect your weight loss achieved so far.

Your first step in weight loss may be searching on-line for recipes that you would truly LIKE to make and which don’t take up too much of your time.  They must be realistic to your lifestyle.

Homemade soups may be high on your list of priorities, especially during winter.

Find snack foods that you would enjoy so that they are realistic options for those moments when you old habits kick in and you just want to put something in your mouth.  As you progress and lose weight you will become increasing aware of these moments of mindless eating when your brain is on auto-pilot.  But accept that in the early days f your new eating plan these old snacking habits are likely to kick-in at some stage – be prepared with tasty healthier alternatives.

as said in my previous post – cut carbs.  You are probably eating too many of them.

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