Getting to meet the world’s No 1. Success coach Tony Robbins was an absolute privilege but also a great inspiration. Tony travels the world speaking on the psychology of success and presenting 3 day, 12 hour workshops several times a year. As someone who also gives 3 day workshops I know just how much we can all feed off each other’s energy and the day flies by, but when you see just how physically active Tony is on stage most of us just stand in awe of his ability to ignite his audience til late into the evening.

But Tony not only knows but puts in to action a well-known fact about energy;


Before going on stage Tony jumps up and down on a mini trampoline which he brings with him to all such events. Quiet audience? Tony doesn’t let it sap his energy – he just jumps a little more! Most of us have heard about the power of the mind and mind-body medicine but very few of us understand that this works both ways; the body affects the mind just as the mind affects the body. When your mental energy is low try using your body to get your focus back on track. Movement creates more energy and more movement. So don’t wait for the energy to come – give it to yourself! You don’t need to carry a trampet around with you – try doing a few star jumps in your office (or even in the bathrooms!), or run up your home stairs a few times and just see if it gives you more energy to get going on that job you hate. Keep us posted on how it works for you!