About Susannah Healy

Susannah Healy is a Psychologist, Professional Speaker, Management Consultant and Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Meditation teacher in Ireland and the UK. She is also author of “Fabulous Jelly: Use Your Brain To Lose Weight” (Mercier Press). (See Panel right for more info)

Her work takes her to all parts of Ireland and the UK. She has previously acted as an International Editor of the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and her second book, which has been rattling around her head for some time, has now been put to paper. “The Seven Day Soul: Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise” (Hachette) is now available in your local bookshop.

Susannah has been invited to comment, write and appear on numerous radio and television programmes and in print media. To see a sample of Susannah’s media work just visit the In The Media Page.

Susannah’s Philosophy – Feel Good. Do Good. Engage Fully.

Susannah’s personal philosophy is that she is here to help others – in fact we all are. And science shows it’s good for us! Her PhD studies in meditation, hypnosis and psychology inspire her love of books on philosophy, consciousness and personal change. In her work she helps people and organisations to set goals and achieve them, whether that means accepting yourself as you are, letting go of a phobia or managing the change from project to people management at an organisational level. In this she finds the meaning of her own life and works to help people find theirs.

Over the years Susannah has helped hundreds of people and companies to clarify their goals and to initiate and achieve change in beliefs

Her passion is to help people to find meaning in their lives through learning, insight, personal change and engaging with the world.



In this ground breaking book, Susannah reveals the evidence for the value of spirituality in all aspects of our lives. She examines the place of spirituality (religious and atheistic) in a culture that values individualism an left-brained thinking, and delves in to the psychological research that shows that it is self-transcendence- the conscious service of others and the world – that true happiness lies.

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Fact. Frozen veg are the new avocado!
Susanna struggled for years and years with her weight before she finally twigged that she needed to bring her work home with her to find out what was really going on; she went on to lose 3.5 st (49lbs/ 22kgs).  Worse than a reformed smoker she loves to tell everyone how she did it and even wrote a book about it.  It’s called “Fabulous Jelly”: Use Your Brain To Lose Weight” and is available by emailing us using our contact page and signed copies to include dedications are available by contacting Susannah directly here.

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