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In the media.

Articles, invited comments and radio and television interviews.

Television Appearances

Virgin Media: Weekend AM: (April 2019) The Seven Day Soul for Mental Health

TV3: Ireland AM: Pet Therapy (29/9/1999)
Spirit Level: (RTE) Faith and Healing (26/9/2009)
City Channel: Fear of flying and other phobias (23/3/2011)
City Channel: Psychology of weight loss (19/5/2011)
TV3: The Afternoon Show (interview on Fabulous Jelly)
RTE 1: Programme Title Now Changed (interview on Fabulous Jelly)(January 2014)

Print Publications

2002-2003: Monthly Psychology column for IT magazine (now Irish Tatler Magazine) including:

  • Couch Potatoes (how to choose a therapy)
  • Pillow Talking (the benefits of sleep)
  • Mind Over Body (can the mind cure physical ailments?)
  • Sick Sense (is stress making you ill?)
  • Psyche Out (what can we learn from sports psychology?)
  • Friendship v. Envy ( the uncomfortable emotion)
  • The Serious Business of Laughter (laughter therapy)
  • Peace Process ( learn to negotiate from the pros),
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (Adult Blushing)
  • Beware the Voices ( beware of inner self talk)
  • Beat the Blues ( coping with depression).

Print Publications

Various Publications:

  • Sunday Business Post Magazine (7th April 2019): “The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace” (interviewed for comment)
  • 2007 RTE Guide: article on Susannah’s use of hypnotherapy in her practice.
  • The Irish Medical Times: “Hypnosis in the Relief of Pain”, written by Susannah Healy (3/11/00)
  • The Irish Medical Times: “The Alternative Pain Relief” written by Susannah Healy (5/10/07)
  • 2010: The Irish Times ( second highest readership national broadsheet newspaper) “Can you handle your phobia?” piece on Susannah’s clinic “Access Psychology”.
  • 2010: The Gloss Magazine: “Up in the Air”. Piece written about Susannah’s psychology clinic Access Psychology and the use of virtual reality therapy for phobias.
  • Woman’s Way Magazine (Ireland’s best selling women’s magazine): Fabulous Jelly (Oct 2013)
  • VIP Magazine: piece on Fabulous Jelly (Oct 2013)
  • Easy Parenting magazine  “Arrival of the Fittest” written by Susannah Healy ( Aug/Sept 2011)
  • Irish Daily Mail, Femail Magazine: piece on Fabulous Jelly (Oct 2013)
  • Daily Star newspaper: piece on Fabulous Jelly (19/October 2013)
  • The Examiner newspaper: piece on Fabulous Jelly (5 October 2013)
  • Herald Newspaper: piece on Fabulous Jelly (October 2013)
  • Irish Examiner: Pets Take a Bite Out of The Food Market  (Nov 2nd 2017)
  • Irish Examiner: Finding Your Own Way (Feb 22nd 2019)
  • Woman’s Way Magazine: Soul Deep (March 4th 2019)
  • The Gloss: “Head Space” – An Extract from The Seven Day Soul March 2019

Radio Interviews

Today FM: The Last Word(June 2017)




Sunshine radio with Carol Dooley: (April 2019).  How The Seven Day Soul applies to public life (Listen back)

RTE Radio 1: Leap of Faith (April 2019): A chat about The Seven Day Soul (Listen Back)

Newstalk: The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates (April 2019) “What’s It All About?” The religious side of belief
Irish Times: Women’s Podcast with Roisin Ingle. (April 2019) (Click here to listen backInterview starts at 11.30 mins
RTE Radio 1: Leap of Faith (June 2016): Interview on mindfulness in world faith traditions
RTE 1: 
(RTE is Irelands National Broadcaster) The Tubridy Show(2010)
RTE 2FM: The Colm Hayes Show (14/10/2014)
TODAY FM: The Ian Dempsey Show (04/05/10)
NEWSTALK: The Tome Dunne Show(Apr/May 2010)
4FM: Virtual Reality for Phobias (April 2010)
TODAY FM: The Last Word(September 2014)
RTE 1: The Sean O’Rourke Show Interview on Pain Management (January 2015)
RTE, Today FM and Newstalk have the 3 largest shares of the radio listenership in Ireland
Kildare FM: Interview on Fabulous Jelly (January 2015)


Agony Aunt

Susannah was also (substitute) Agony Aunt on The Today FM Ray D’Arcy/Anton Savage Show (July – September 2014) and again in January 2015

Print Publications

2011: Easy Health and Living Magazine
“Do Positive Affirmations Work?” written by Susannah Healy (July / Aug 2011)
“Is Bitching Bonding?” written by Susannah Healy (Set/Oct 2011)
“Balancing Your Act” written by Susannah Healy (Nov/Dec 2011)

Print Publications

Sunday Independant
Why do many celeb couples who work together then break up? (Dec 2011)
The Irish Independant and The Sunday Independant are Ireland’s largest selling daily and Sunday newpapers rspectively.)

Print Publications

2001-2012 Irish Tatler Man Magazine: (series of articles by Susannah Healy)
Autumn 2011: Man of Few Words – Oration Stagnation (Fear of Public Speaking)
Spring 2012: How to Tackle Technology @ddiction
Summer 2012: “A new Business Like You” (developing resilience and hardiness)
Winter 2014: Article on Fabulous Jelly

Print Publications

Irish Independant:
“If in Doubt – Get Raunchy” (6/8/11)
“Wallis and her sex games that entranced a King” (27/8/11)
“Harry, The Last Playboy Prince” (17/9/11)
“Get Over It!” (why men move on quicker after a break-up) (10/3/12)
Choosing To Be Childless. (18/2/13)
Article on Weight Loss and Fabulous Jelly written by Susannah Healy ( 4th Oct 2013)
Irish Independent: A second interview on Fabulous Jelly (September 2013)

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