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Below are a sample of testimonials from previous clients (names are changed to protect privacy).

“Susannah’s teaching style: professional, knowledgeable and inclusive. The course was enlightening, valuable,
practical, relevant and very enjoyable.”
C.S. London

“An excellent presenter, mild, lovely tone and approachable. Should get involved in some apps or ads- Brilliant!”
V.R. Dublin

“I really enjoyed the day. SH is so full of knowledge and so easy to understand. I would love a full course with her.”
CC. Limerick

“….excellent trainer- approachable and professional.”
VS, London

“I really appreciated my sense of Susannah’s wealth of knowledge.”
AB, London

“Susannah Healy is an example of all that one deeply yearns for- wisdom, modesty and the encouragement to keep going.”

“I would attend more courses delivered by Susannah”
RH, Limerick

“..the trainer’s engagement with all the participants. Her knowledge but also her modesty, in showing that mindfulness is to be practised and not something that can be merely learnt, her use and knowledge of the research and litrature.”

“Susannah really made an impact on me.  I went back home and reviewed my schedule to see if I could fit more “me-time” in and I could!”

“Susannah’s voice was so calming, and her speech was so clear”  “I love how she shared her own personal journey with us. It made changing my lifestyle more achievable”

Hard copies of all testimonials available.


Dear Susannah,
How are you? Just a quick email to let you know that the speech could not have gone better

Once i stood up, I was really relaxed and was able to think clearly and all the things we worked on came naturally to me.

All the stories went down a storn and i was being complimented by people all night on how good it was and how well i delivered it.

So, thanks a million for all the help. It was money well spent and I’ll certainly be recommending you to anyone else i know who needs a little help!

Thanks again,

Public Speaking

I feel much more confident in public speaking situations. The techniques helped dramatically reduce my levels of anxiety. Ifeel so much happier and more secure.
Sarah, Longford

New Job!

Susannah, I am so grateful to you for all your help….to think just a few months ago i couldn’t eat in public or drink even a glass of water without choking or shaking. It has really changed my life. I even got a new job thanks to my new confidence!
Ruth, Kildare

Public Speaking

I am over the moon – so proud of myself! My presentation went really well and i now feel i can do anything i put my mind to! Thank you so much Susannah, I feel so proud of myself!
Alex, Dublin

Free as a Bird!

My anxiety kept coming down and down, just like you said it would. I feel like i don’t have a big secret anymore (fear of giving presentations) and just think i feel much more ‘normal’ than i used to! It’s such a relief. I wish i’d done it ages ago. It’s a really free kind of feeling…thank you.
Ray, Dublin

Exam Stress

Thanks for your help in getting through my exams. When i came to you i felt there was nothing anyone could do for me but managing the nerves and your motivation got rid of all my procrastinating and got me excited about what i could achieve. I feel so on top of my game now and I’ll definitely use what you taught me in other parts of my life. I feel excited about what other things i want for myself.
Angela, Dublin

Anxiety stress

I have got better with my fears. I am not afraid of getting lost on roads and i have gone on aeroplanes for the first time in four years. I now feel that my fear is over. It has helped me in many things, school, going in the car, whenever i feel nervous.
Stephen (aged 12), Wicklow

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